Thursday, October 2, 2008

My First Day to Sub This Year

Well, the good news is I got called for 3 sub days this month already, so that will leave on 17 more to go this term! I went today and will go tomorrow for the same sweet second grade class. The students were delightful! I love second grade, but it is so different from fourth grade. I was on my feet all day, except for the blessed break while they went to music! YAYA!! I got to spend that time reading my Jane Austen book and taking notes!
I love my dear hubby- he took me out for breakfast this morning before school.
Then I was always so enamored with walking into an empty classroom -
the aura is so pleasant and calm. Then it was excitement and the thrill of seeing young folk understand and work with nouns, do their penmanship, read aloud about The Enormous Turnip, and drill those spelling words-I did these all three times over, over, and over again, as this grade changes classes and I taught 3 classes their grammar today. Tomorrow, we'll start again! But for now it's...
PhotobucketAW! I love Johnson's Foot Soak!AW!!!
Little Piggie, get back in that water!!


  1. I love that book about the big turnip! Glad you had a break and that tomorrow's a FRIDAY! :)

    love you!

  2. I just wanted to say I got a kick out of this post. I am going to substitute for a friend of mine next week while she's out of town. I'll work Wed., Thur. and Fri. and I'm sure I'll be exhausted. I'm thinking it will be fun, too.


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