Wednesday, October 15, 2008

God in Washington

A great American Family Assoc. article seen here!
As legislatures try to belittle the role of God in every sector of public life, the schools, public places, courtrooms, the marketplace, etc, God will not be thwarted. He is in some places to stay! The US Supreme Court Building and it's statue of Moses! A prayer window,... paintings of the Pilgrims worshipping God at Thanksgiving, George Washington in prayer at Valley Forge, the baptism of Pocahontas all in our nation's Capitol!
God will not be moved! He will be known for His mighty acts, His grace in leading our founding fathers will be commemorated! Hallelujah!


  1. It distresses me to see how far our two great nations have fallen away from God. The scriptures are full of stories about what has happened to nations in the past when that happened, and we can clearly see the consquences of such a thing happening all around us now. I pray every day for people to wake up and take notice!

  2. I also am very concerned with the path this nation has taken....
    We need the hand of God upon us now, more than ever... Those symbols/monuments/paintings etc... in our nations capital should be wonderful reminders on what this country was founded on.
    I am praying for our nation....

    On a different note.. I LOVE the LOOK of your blog. I love anything paisley.It is very, very pretty.
    GOOD JOB!!!

    Beautiful Blessings~
    Kelly Maria


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