Saturday, October 18, 2008

Grace Angels

How fun was this!
Today we stopped in a fabulous gift boutique called Plantagenet Rose and I found a 75% off sale on these adorable collectibles- Grace Angels. I love them! They are "The Gift", "Nurturing Kindness", "Thankful", and "Quiet Grace" and they bless me through and through! The lovely proprietor was a graceful lady from Manchester, England who charmed us so much with her beautiful style and friendly welcome to her shop. We went back this afternoon and we bought a treasure I'll write about next week, but oh, my, is it ever a handsome piece! Yippee!!!
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  1. Oh, Carolyn. I am GREEN with envy. I love those angels. Have I told you I collect angels, too? These are absolutely the most precious things I've seen in a long time. Does she have more? If I send $$ would you pick up the entire bunch for me? Let me know and I'll get a check in the mail to you along with my addy. These are too cute!

    Thanks for your precious note on my blog about Kristy's birthday. She is a jewel. She and her husband are the missionaries in Brazil whom we went to visit in May.

    Hope you have a blessed day. Said a prayer for you when I saw that you are subbing today.

  2. Hello from another collector of angels ... your Grace Angels have beautiful ballerina faces and look so soothing.

    I've been collecting handmade angel ornaments for more than 20 years, and display them on a special angels-only Christmas tree next to the fireplace in my bedroom. Unpacking them each year is such a pleasure, and brings back so many memories :o) I'll add some pics to my blog in a few weeks, as soon as the tree is up.

    I've been reading your blog for quite a while now, and always enjoy what you have to share. The new background colors are gorgeous and very rich-looking for autumn and winter.

    Peace ...



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