Monday, October 6, 2008

The Simple Woman Daybook


Peggy, The Simple Woman, got us started on this every Monday morning. You really must join in the fun at her site!

For Today...

Outside my Window... the same as last week-the promise of a beautiful autumn day

I am thinking...I have a lot of Bible study homework to finish today and tonight

I am thankful... for my parents- they celebrate 65 years of marriage tomorrow- what a testimony to everyone!I am also very happy to have met a new blogger, Stacey ,from Scotland!!!!! She is keeping several blogs going at a time. Her Christmas every day blog is really cute, also!

From the kitchen...The hope of something good for breakfast, probably oatmeal with raisins and a glass of oj, then a cup of fresh brewed coffee

I am wearing...pj, and my spa robe

I am reading...Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

I am likes her new orthopedic doctor- I am taking her this afternoon. She desparately need a shot in her shoulder- Her previous doctor moved away!

I am creating...I have been inspired by Renna, at Finding my Knitch, to get back into knitting. I bought a new knitting magazine with tons of great, easy projects. I love to knit during the autumn and winter seasons.

I am husband rummaging around downstairs packing his lunch and preparing to leave for work! My blog music is serenading me with Slipping Through My Fingers- my empty nest theme song!

Around the house...I still have a ton of ironing to do...bah!

One of my favorite going to the movies! We saw Fireproof yesterday! It was sooooooooo good. Of ourse, I cried several times, and Lynn even teared up a couple of times! It is a definite MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...I have to take mom to the doctor is afternoon,Stepping Up Bible study tomorrow, Bible study also Wednesday morning (care group) , Wednesday night dinner church and our last new members class,, Thursday night ladies' study on Beleiving God. The weekend so far is open, I think!

Here is a picture I thought of sharing with you...I just love our new trees. They have been growing so nicely with all the rain and Lynn did such a grand job planting them. My favorite is the hawthorn right outside my studio window, so I thought I'd show a spray of haws!


  1. Happy Anniversary to your parents - 65 years, that's amazing! Thank you so much for the links to Stacey and her Christmas blog; I am really going to enjoy reading her entries.

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog. I am honoured. And Happy Anniversary to your parents. How blessed! Mine saw their 62nd anniversary before my dear Dad passed away this past April. The tablescapes are beautiful as well. Anyway, I am thankful, myself, for the new friends I am meeting through blogging. I had no idea that blogland was where all the wonderful, friendly, dear women were hanging out! Definitely let's keep in touch. :-) Stacey

  3. What a great daybook. I have to tell you, I love your blog, I read it daily even if I don't always comment :)

    Love Northanger Abbey, great book and movie too :)

  4. Happy anniversary to your parents! I enjoyed your daybook. I'm planning on us seeing that movie as soon as it comes to our small town.


  5. That is so cool that your parents have survived 65 years of marriage!

    My memory, she ain't what she used to be. I seriously can't remember whether or not I've ever read Northanger Abbey. I am fairly certain that I did. I have, of course, seen a movie version of it, along with every other film depicting a Jane Austen story.

    I am thrilled to have inspired you to pick up your knitting. It's not often one get's recognized as being 'inspiring'. ;-Þ

    I don't know if Fireproof will be showing in our small town or not, so I may have to wait until it's out on dvd. I am most anxious to see it, though, as it seems to be getting rave reviews on blogs I read.

    I loved reading your Monday Daybook!


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