Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Red letter Day

What a day! First of all, we have been attending a new members' class at church with the intention of joining....soon, but today Pastor Chip preached in the Family Life Center downstairs so we decided to worship there as well. Besides most of our SS class worships there. Lo and behold there was another couple who was with us in our members' class and the next thing you know we all decided to join together- on the spur of the moment- just like that! I cant believe it. I mean we have been attending now a year and a half and I've been dying to join but Lynn has to be SURE! He has to be moved to do it. Granted, I knew it would be sometime in the coming month, but it happened today ! I am still just so excited.
Also, I sang in the choir tonight for the first time as a member of the Senior Choir. That was such a joy- I love the leader, the group, and the whole thing, especially that the music is written for seniors- large print! HAHA!. We meet every other week and sing only once a month or so, although we go next month to sing at the nursing home. The best part is Amanda and Josh were here to see me sing. That was really great! They came down this afternoon to help celebrate Lynn's 59th birthday. A real RED Letter Day!
Ok, I have to say that no pumkin pie is safe in our house! That is Lynn's one great temptation! , Oh, well, that and pecans!


  1. So glad we could share in celebrating Dad's birthday and that you all have been blessed with such a wonderful church. We couldn't be happier for the 2 newest members of CSBC!! We also loved hearing you sing! What a fun group :)

    Love you and thanks!

  2. I just love reading your blog. You are truly one of the most upbeat people I've met on the net. Every event is so exciting to you, and you're always finding reasons to give glory to God. You are a bright spot in my day! :-)


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