Monday, August 4, 2008

1000 Gifts from God


So I continue my 7 blessings:
36. The cooling morning respite during the hottest month of the year.
37. Finding enough coffee in the pot to have a second and third cup today!
38. Spending a leisurely hour with my mother when I went over to roll her hair.
39. I was motivated to pack up a bag of old clothes and unwanted "stuff" to take to the good will today!
40. There were 2 of the cutest wrens walking along the brick wall nibbling birdseed I scattered there this morning!
41. I found a pair of capris I'd been looking for all summer stuck in-between some winter clothes in the closet! Thank you, Lord!
42. being able to get through to the playlist site to retrieve my playlist for this blog. It had been missing for a few weeks and I had forgotten my password. I'm so happy to have my music back! Small blessings make a very happy heart. Thank you, Lord, in the small things!!


  1. Schotzy, I just love your blog. You always have something neat written that I can spend time with. I miss rolling my mother's hair. I always did that after she stopped getting it professionally done every week and I miss it so much. Enjoy these days with your mom! I miss mine so much. As you can see from my blog, everything was fine with my colonoscopy yesterday. Praise God for another 5 years w/o another. Take care and enjoy this beautiful day that God has given us. God bless! Martha

  2. Its the little things that are soo big aren't they? Thanks for sharing!


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