Monday, August 4, 2008

The Bluebird

Blue Bird
by Jody Dickey
High up on a twisted branch

of an old white oak tree

amongst the foliage of

its green leaves and acorns

sits a Blue Eastern Blue bird

I sit on my gazebo enjoying the

spring breeze with its floral

fragrance drifting from the tulips

I can hear his warbling whistle Tu-wheet-tudo

I tune out the sounds of the cars driving on

the busy street with their

stereos blaring and their loud

car horns a blowing toot-toot

everyone in a hurry to get somewhere

The hustle and bustleof the city street,

if they would take the time to care

they would hear something so sweet.

Everyday around noon

he will whistle a lovely tune

it is such a beautiful sound.

It is a melody of love

that he sings to God above.

I sit back in my old wicker chair

listen to the song he sings

I am blessed to hear him sing

high up in the old white oak tree.

Because I knew God was listening

to him sing a song

like he listens to my prayers

Then with a flutter of his blue wings

another Tu-wheet-tudo

high up in the azure sky he flew.

by JodyDickey

Yes, our Lord and Saviour is faithful to hear our prayers. His promises are sure and His will for our lives is good! Praise the lord, for our loving Father in heaven! Hallowed is His name!!

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