Friday, August 8, 2008

My Husband Rocks

This photo was taken this morning when he brought me my coffee!

I love to sing praises about my dear husband, Lynn. I know it makes him happy, too, because I can always be assured he reads my blog on the weekend just to see this post about him. I bet he wonders during the week now, "I wonder what she'll write about this time?" Well, I already mentioned this week about how he is the chief dish washer around the house, especially when we entertain. And that he took me out for breakfast yesterday just for no reason except so we could spend time together. So you might wonder what else could I possibly share about him this week! Well, the best is yet to come! Last night while we were waiting in line to get our photos taken for the church directory we had the opportunity to chat with our new director of education. Lynn starting sharing about the book he is reading Every Man's Marriage: a Guide to Winning the Heart of a Woman by Stephen Arterburn.

Let me tell you, this book must be amazing, because I believe I can attribute some of the wonderful sweetness in Lynn due to the tenets taught in this book. Lynn is keeping me so happy, when we looked at our proofs following the photo session I was actually looking good! Happy! It is all due to my sweet husband Lynn. Girls, I highly recomment this book!

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  1. My husband brings me coffee in the morning as well... :)
    NIce to eb spoiled a little, isn't it?


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