Thursday, August 14, 2008

SUNNY in Scotland-High 66

Doesn't that just sound fabulous! What a beautiful day there. I was just checking the webcam at Eilean Donan- the icon of my Caledonia. To me that is just about heaven! Of course they have their fair share of drear- well, more than their fair share, but isn't that just like life? Today it is SUNNY and fair in my life- I have not a care in the world- a lovely morning spent with my dear husband who chose to report to work later than usual so we could enjoy a leisurely morning-followed by a wonderful afternoon spent playing with dear friends out to luncheon and the movies. Fair with not a chance of rain, today!! But showers and drear are looming on the horizon as I contemplate a visit to the podiatrist next week to see about an infected toe. Funny how we dread the very thing that is good for us and is going to make things so much better. Well, as long as I medicate and put on my toe protector, I'm good to go for today! If you're reading this one, I'm praying your skies are SUNNY today!!

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