Saturday, August 30, 2008

Been Away from the Computer for a While

Wednesday the rains came, remnants of Fay. This picture was taken coming home from church that night.
Thursday morning was such a wonderful day enjoying the lazy rain. We got about 4 inches of slow drizzly rain.
It was totally refreshing! I could have had a few more days of it, but the Lord knows best! Do I dare share what I did Thursday morning? What we women endure for the sake of beauty! I debated whether to put this on Pink Saturday, but decided not to! HaaHaa! HeeHee!
Then I went over to visit with mom and dad and found him out tickering with his bird houses. Here he is sanding one he's promised Amanda-

By the lunchtime I was looking really cute with my new hair, so I decided to surprise my sweetie by stopping in at the office. He was busily cramming for a test that afternoon for the project management training he'd done that week.
So I spent the afternoon at the nurseries checking out trees to replace around our yard. I found a beautiful White King Hawthorn and a luscious deep read Crepe Myrtle there. This morning we found some 2 red maples and another white Myrtle. I know what we'll be doing Monday!

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  1. What precious pictures of Dad & Pop working so hard! That picture of you in your "metal head" look is priceless!!!! I'm sure Dolly would approve!

    Love you,


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