Sunday, August 3, 2008

1000 Gifts


I have gotten behind in my posting of a thousand blessings.
22. I am so thankful for creativity that God has put in my heart. Not that I am so great about it, but the whole manner in which I view my world and what I yearn to do to add to it, I am thankful.
23. Nature around me inspires me. Today, a woodpecker at the feeder blessed my soul.
24. Our new mattress is such a delight to my tired aching bones. No more tossing and turning, that's for sure.
25. Having the family in last evening, sharing, laughing, eating! Pure joy!
26. Surprise invitations from friends!
27. Seeing the pleasure of my son-in-law at the banquet table.
28. Mother-daughter moments sharing.
29. Having left over ham biscuits for breakfast this morning! Yummy!
30. How my wonderful husband washed every dish from the food prep through to the last glass last evening. What a tremendous blessing that is!!!
31. Seeing that the bluebird suet feeder is completely empty this morning. Oh, my, the birds have been busy!
32. Seeing much more bird activity around the yard as a result of the lures!
33. My discovery yesterday of a few new blogs that really touch my heart, funny bone, and desire for beauty!
34. Seeing my family really enjoy the birthday trifle and gobble it all up last night!
35. Making birthday memories with all the important folk last night!

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