Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Decluttering the Home


Back in July I committed to a declutter challenge over at Happy to be at Home. The idea is to end 2008 with a decluttered domicile!
I have been working the past few days all over the house.Over the weekend, while Amanda was here, we worked diligently in the basement to separate the keeps from the throw-aways! Now I still have plenty to keep, but the basement does look so much better. Today I tackled the guestroom closet- mainly my old school/work clothes- many were clothes that I'd been given over the years- too nice to throw away and I was holding on to them just in case. "Just in case" what? We went to another depression?....There might be a terrible earthquake and all my other clothes would fall into a fault?....Oh, maybe I'd lose 4 dress sizes and wear these extremely out of style clothes? Hallelujah, "just in case " is gone forever. The clothes are out of there and I didnt stop with the clothes. ... bags full of unfinished craft projects, -embroidery, crossstitch, sewing- out of there! Also, my closet shelves had been used to store old bedding. Old pillows, comforters. Let me tell you I feel so much more comforted now because all that stuff is out of there, too. Hello, Goodwill, here I come!! Now I can truthfully say, "wow, look at this nice walk-in closet! What, it is just for me! Wonderful!"

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  1. Does that mean that we'll actually have a place IN the closet to hang clothes when we come to visit?


    dd :>D

    PS- very proud of you for de-cluttering and getting rid of all of your "just-in-cases"! Stacy & Clinton would be so proud!


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