Monday, August 4, 2008

Simple Woman Daybook


Peggy is hosting the Simple Woman Daybook on Mondays and it is my pleasure to join in. You can read many others over at her site.

For Today

Outside my Window...a rosy, fiery dawn sky is heralding the new day.

I am thinking...that the weather for this week will be turbulent. Tomorrow they predict record breaking heat, then storms kick up for Wednesday. Then it becomes much more pleasant thereafter!

I am thankful for.... God's perfection in creativity. There is so much variety in every thing he has made, each bird, flower, cloud, treeline. Everything that has breath praises the Lord for His goodness and the wonder of HIm.

From the kitchen...I have no plans at this time for anything special to originate from my kitchen. We're still eating leftovers from Amanda's party on Saturday!

I am creating... this week I aim to begin writing for faithwriter's again. I have not been writing for several weeks now since they took there summer hiatus, but I feel it is time to get back to it.

I am going... to join my husband tonight and start back to Faith Evangelism at our church. These visitation teams are getting back into full swing in September and tonight is a new informtion meeting.

I am reading ... A Mind Awake, by C.S.Lewis. So much to chew on in this topical anthology of his works!

I am hoping... that this year as I begin substituting that I will get many days in at the first of the term instead of like last year, when they all came in at the end!

I am hearing... my dear husband coming up the stairs with my delicious morning coffee. Just one of the myriad things I love that about him!

Around the house...I am thinking it would be really good to clean out a closet or two this week. Too many clothes I never wear!!

One of my favorite watching the home and garden network. I like House Hunters and design competition shows.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... this afternoon I will be rolling my mom's hair, and planning the refreshments we will take to Bible study on Wednesday. Thursday will be our photo session for the church directory, and we'll be praying later in the week for my sil's trip out west for a job interview. Not that I really want him to get that job 3000 miles away! But I pray that it goes well, for traveling mercies, and the experience will be something that has far reaching benefits to his future.

A Picture I thought I'd share today... Photobucket
I cant help but chuckle. When I took this picture Amanda's MIL said, "For the blog", so yes, Jan, here it is. Amanda asked for flowers to put out on her porch of her new townhome and a watering can for her birthday. So I found this cute metal rack at my favorite consignment shop and got her some nice fall mums to show off on it. I love the can. Now Amanda has the fun of keep them alive through the season!


  1. The planter shelf looks great out on the back porch. For now, I have 2 pots on the top rack and my watering can sits on the bottom. I put the other two flower pots on the front stoop to dress it up a little. I hope the heat doesn't stress them out too much!!!

  2. I am a substitute teacher too. This fall I have a 12 week board sub job for a kindergarten teacher going on maternity leave.

    Did you watch Design Star? My kids and like to watch that one. I enjoyed reading about your day!


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