Friday, August 8, 2008

1000 Gifts

Before I begin my next 7 what about this shot across the loch toward Skye at dusk taken there at 9:50pm. Doesnt that just bless you, too!

64. My family blesses me everywhere I turn.
65. A bluebird was at the birdbath this morning! Lovely sight!
66. The weather today is glorious!
67. I was able to be a blessing to my parents this morning with a visit and a token of my apprecition for all they are and mean to us!
68. Lynn said he's grilling out tonight! That is always fun and delicious!
69. Special friends who stand in the gap with me daily!
70. Encouraging emails from my prayer partner!
Counting your blessings one by one just makes you happy!


  1. Hi Schotzy, Thank you for your incredibly lovely comment! It just makes my day!....Now you must explain!...Are you from Scotland originally?...What is your heritage!...I would love to know! I must visit your blog often, so we can get to know each other!...My mother is Swiss & was born to parents who had just moved to the U.S. in the late 20's. She was raised very much like she was still back in Switerland...and so were we. I love to hear her stories!...I also have a huge fascination with England, Scotland & Ireland...and always have, but have never traveled there! That is one of the reasons I love blogging so much, being able to get to know & become dear friends who live all over the world!....I have three ladies I talk to on a daily basis in England & one in rural Scotland!...I also just love your music! Just lovely!!...I recognized the first one & I was right! Anyway, I have written you a novel! So sorry!...have a lovely weekend! I'll come visit tomorrow again for "Pink Saturday"!...heidi XO

  2. There are so many gifts God has blessed us with! Thank you for sharing some of yours.

    And thank you for visiting my tea party today and for your comment. Enjoy your weekend!



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