Saturday, August 23, 2008

1000 Gifts

I am so thankful for these and many more blessing:
169. times spent with Amanda and Joshua along with my parents
170. safe traveling mercies out and about this week
171. that my dad is feeling better and is regaining his interests in doing small projects about the house and in his crafting. He is making birdhouses again- at 89!
172. that Mother has such a deep desire to stay active and productive in the community and church in her condition(arthritis)
173. Lynn and I were actually able to sleep in this morning -a real rarity-we slept til 9
174. our morning jaunt to the city market where we bought a basket of Georgia Belle peaches and freah baked french bread!YuM!!
175. that Lynn and I went to Ukrops for the first time - and Lynn really liked it. We bought some delicious freshly cooked jumbo shrimp! Great bargain!
176. the rest of our day was relaxing and just a pleasant day doing nothing much, indeed--lovely
177. got to go to the ballgame on a most beautiful evening and watch the fireworks

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