Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Husband Rocks


Ok, I am a day late, but Lynn still rocks it so I have to post this week!
All I had to do was say, " Lynn, honey whatever are we going to do about losing all these trees this summer?Can't we check out the nurseries this weekend?" And the next thing you know he was loading them up on a cart and hauling them over to the checkout!
What a sweetheart? But not only that! He knew I was yearning to get back up here on the computer to blog some today so he just came traipsing up the stairs with a delicious cottage cheese, fresh fruit salad to munch on! He is definitely a keeper! He rocks my world!!!

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  1. Yep-your hubby rocks! Thank you for showing me this! Weekly written statements professing my love for, well my love, does my heart good!


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