Sunday, August 3, 2008

TAGGed Again

I have been tagged by Pamela, Treasures from My Heart to list 5 things I love.
It is difficult to think of 5 new things, but I'll give it a try.
1. I love decorating my home. Right now everything that really catches my eye is of a medieval influence or "olde English".
2. I love blogging. This is a wonderful outlet for releasing some of the
creative energy inside.
3. I love reading everything I can get hands on by Liz Curtiss Higgs. Especially, My Heart's in the Lowlands.
4. I love poached eggs. Ever since our romantic anniversary weekend at our first bed and breakfast where she served eggs benedict, I have loved to poach eggs, even without the hollandaise. They are my favorite way to eat eggs!
5. I love the Irish choir singing group Anuna. Their music soothes my spirit!

Now I need to tag 5 folks! These are some wonderfully beautiful blogs I have recently discovered and I would love to learn more about the bloggers!!
Tag- You're it!







  1. Wow, Schotzy, I am tickled that you enjoy my blog and so will look forward to sharing five things about myself. I loved reading yours. I have read a little of Liz Curtis Higgs and hope one day to read more when my children are older and I have a little more free time. From looking at your blog sidebar, I wonder if you have read Michael Phillips' book Caledonia?


  2. Hi! Just found your blog through Cindy's - My Romantic Home. You have many interesting things here and I must read more. Nice to meet you!!

  3. Thank you! I'll try to think of 5 new things. I will probably post them later in the week! Thanks for thinking of me!

  4. Loved reading these things about you Schotzy! I learned some new things about you. My ex husband enjoyed a rich scottish heritage as he was a Ramsay and could trace his family right back to the highlands. I, too, have scottish roots and can trace my family back to Glasgow and the name McNayr. I always had a secret pleasure in reading historical romance novels involving Scottish Lairds . . . or well, I did, until they started to get rather smutty. I wish someone would write some of them without all the smutt!

  5. Yes, Liz is something else!
    Just stop by to say Hello!


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