Tuesday, August 12, 2008

1000 Gifts

1000 GIFTS

Continuing with my blessings!
85. baby birds being fed by both parent birds at my mother's patio
86. cinnamon bagels with raisins slathered with cream cheese and coffee tastes so good in the morning
87. breezy morning followed by cool afternoons in August!
88. intimate moments spent before the Throne of Grace
89. meeting new friends with hearts for corporate prayer and interests to serve
90. meeting a previous student from 10 years ago at his workplace and feeling so pleased with his manner and attitude.
91. dining out with my dh and spending our time together doing the weekly shopping
92. male cardinals showing off at the birdbath
93. hearing the great report about sweet little Holly(a dachshund)
94. another beautiful ripe tomoato on my vine
95. a good report from the doctore re: mom and dad today
96. knowing that Amanda and Joshua are seeking the Lord's will in their decisions about their vocations
97. provision of our needs for this week
98. the wonderful respite in the weather and hope for rain tomorrow

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  1. So much goodness here this morning Schotzy! I am enjoying your one thousand blessings. What a goal! I also enjoyed the pictures in the post below and your ham biscuits, well, what can I say! Those are right up my alley!


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