Monday, August 25, 2008

Autumn in the Air and Arriving in the Home

There is a bit of autumn in the air. For August, the temps have been pleasant now for a few weeks. Not nearly the sweltering days I remember from other Augusts, but we still are experiencing a terrible drought. I am meeting with an arborist this week in an attempt to save the maple tree by our back door. It would wound me deeply to lose that tree. They're predicting the remnant of Fay to bring us rain this week. I'd love it to rain for a week.
Aside from the weather though, autumn has made its appearance here at home. I've been drying some flowers left over from some summer arangements and have put together a semi fall arrangement to meet me when I come in the back door.
The muted colors speak to me of the muted shades of violet and mossy green the mountains around here exhibit in the early, early fall.
I always associate September with Johnny Appleseed, -the elementary school teacher in me just can't give it up! My dining room table is a tribute to September !Photobucket
The autumn fairy sprinkled fall around the living room today, also.
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket. Lest the neighbors fear that I am really rushing ahead of the calendar, I'll save the outside tumble into autumn for next week!


  1. Oh I love your early fall decor.
    I got my fall door decor. out and ready will probably do it this week.
    I have to go read about the little chef below. Looks adorable.
    Thanks for stopping in today and commenting.
    I don't see that grandson often because they are two states away. But I bet he is a mess! LOL
    p.s. I love your calendar. I have thought about changing mine but I just love my horses! Maybe I should just add a verse below it!

  2. What wonderful colors! It would 'greet' me too!

  3. I so enjoyed looking at your photos of your home, and your "little chef"! I also love the Autumn season! Can't wait to hang garlands of leaves, plant some mums, and pick out a "GREAT PUMPKIN"!
    Autumn Blessings!!
    ~Kelly Maria


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