Thursday, August 7, 2008

Through the Window - Montage

The windows of my home are so like the pictures of my life. Every frame through each glass brings me to a new revelation, a different mood or inspiration. One will invariably put a smile on my face, memories of joyful times flood my consciousness. One will make me feel so desolute and blue, a feeling of tremendous loss. Another sends me wondering what lies beyond yonder bend, while yet another kindles a joy in my heart for all the blessings I've attained. I wander room to room, window to window, reliving the myriad moments of my life -gazing through the memories of time through the windows of my home.


  1. I stopped by to read your thankful post but was drawn into your dislay of windows - they are so beautiful and such a wonderful, heartfelt post!

  2. I love your "window views." I also collect willow tree angels, thus this "view" is my favorite. Also love your stained glass suncatchers. I feel as if we are kindred spirits because we like so much of the same things. Great post. Martha


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