Friday, August 8, 2008

Upper Room


I come to the Upper Room today with many concerns for the church. I love my church, but it is not without its problems. I daresay it shares thee same problems with churches across the land. I fear the enemy has the church right where it wants the clutches of worldliness and pride. My church is really large in members but if one could really look into the hearts of many members one might not be able to see the Holy Spirit living there. They are "good people' who attend regularly and pay their tithe or reasonable facsimile thereof. They would be terribly offended if their faith was questioned. but therein lies the rub. They are too easily offended by too many things. Praise God we have a powerful minister who is not afraid to preach the Word without fer of stepping on toes. yet there is a faction of members who are so easily offended by the truth they are causing divisiveness and trouble. Gossip and rumors are rampant and the enemy is laughing it's fool head off. Those who are reading this prayer, please agree with me as we storm the gates of heaven.
Dear Father, I praise you for who You are! I know You as Creator and King. Today I call out to You as Mighty Warrior and pray you will send out your Warrior angels to do spiritual warfare all about the church, not just mine but the church universal. I pray that at your powerful Word the enemy will fall back and flee to the nethermost and farthest places and that his minions will scurry into the recesses where they belong. Oh, Father, the blood of Jesus is a powerful covering and I pray that covering to be placed on the church to protect it from the fiery darts. I pray that even a t this moment the hearts of those who have heard the truth and have fallen away will be touched in their spirit to humble themselves and return to the foot of the cross. That those who live carnal lives will shed the scales from their eyes and seek You, and that the leaders of our churches will be encouraged and empowered to continue to preach the truth that transforms and makes whole. It is only by the name of Jesus that we have access to Your heavenly realm, we thank You, Lord! In Jesus name, Amen!

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