Friday, August 15, 2008

My Husband Rock, Friday

It's another Friday and time to praise my sweet husband! To read about more great husbands who are rockin' go here!Of course, I've been thanking God for him all week in my other thankful posts, but today I want to share a particular about him. He has taught me so much about going the extra mile. He never does anything halfway. I used to always razz him about being too meticulous, but now I just see his ultra care in doing things as a real blessing to me. Whether he is do our own yard or doing my parents, he goes the extra mile in trimming, edging, cleaning, raking, sweeping- just doing a beautiful job. Last week some folks walking down my mom's street asked him how much he charged to do yard work!
I am one very fortuanate lady! Pictured below, my dh is whispering to my sil, "and how long before we can slip out to the golf course?"


  1. Schotzy, you are blessed indeed! It's wonderful to have a husband who is so giving and caring. I have been married to a man like that for 38 years! Sounds like you've got a good man - and a cutie too!

    P.S. My son visited Scotland and he said it was the most beautiful place he had ever seen! He fell in love with it.

  2. how blessed we are! praise the Lord for him, and for you! thanks for joining us each week! i am very thankful for you!

  3. That's wonderful! You are very fortunate!

  4. aww what an excellent daddy i have! :) i am proud to have inherited several of his meticulous ways!


  5. How awesome that your hubby doesn't do anything halfway. That makes a perfect business man! I wish I could be more like that myself!


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