Thursday, August 7, 2008

1000 gifts


One of the highlights of my day is when I take the time to sit here and compose my list of seven. I am finding that each new day I am expectantly watchful for the wonderful blessings God sends my way. I love being so much more observant to the world around me.
57. Lynn took me out for breakfast this morning before he went to work for absolutely no reason except to spend time together.
58. There was absolutely no wait at the allergy nurses this morning when I went to get my shot.
59. Joshua's cross-country flight today was on schedule and no delays whatever! That was good news!
60. Today when I returned from my errands the cutest chipmunk was munching birdseed sitting up on the bird feeder. Darling!
61. The humidity broke here with the afternoon shower and the temperature dropped substantially. Pleasant as it can be this evening!
62. Tonight getting our pictures done for the church directory the shots were all actually pretty good of me!
63. The paper we needed for the photographer that had been misplaced for several weeks just suddenly was there -the first place I looked!
For these wonderful blessings, Lord, I am most thankful! Your mercies are new each day!

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  1. Lovely list Schotzy! I miss chipmunks. I was really hoping when we were back to Canada last time that Todd could have seen one, but no such luck! Oh well, gives us something to look forward to the next time!


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