Monday, August 25, 2008

The Simple Woman Daybook

For Today

Outside my Window... the morning sun has barely risen and there is a rosy glow o'er the horizonPhotobucket

I am thinking... I would love to meet some friends for coffee today!
I am thankful .... to be alive this morning. My life in the Lord, with the family, in our home, is so very blessed in every way!
From the kitchen... foods from God's summer bounty will be prepared. We are still enjoying our favorite corn on the cob, along with the wonderful kale we got at the market. we are getting some tomatoes for salads, and there is enough of the fresh bakery french bread for supper.I'm thinking of finding a special way to prepare my georgia belle peaches for dessert!
I am creating... I'm in a pensive mood today so its a great day for writing- eprhaps I'll journal or do some faithwriting today.
I am wearing... my jeans, and my yellow embroidered tee.
I am reading ... Consuming Fire by Kathleen Morgan- I'm savoring every word!
I am hoping... that the rain they are predicting- remnants of Kay- will actually materialize. we are desparate for rain here. We cannot afford to lose any more trees!
Plans for the rest of the week ... I have an appointment this week to get my hair foiled. It has been some months since I had it done and it is I might say a tad overdue.
I am hearing... the strains of Adagios for Strings, so amazingly moving!It fairly takes my breath away!!
Around the house... today I need to continue do laundry. We had allowed it to go too long last week. Still have a pile to do. and the ironing!
One of my favorite things.... certainly not ironing.... but I do love to see all my clothes hung crisply on their racks hanging in an organized closet. My closet was so jumbled and so overstuffed for so long I forgot waht organization looked like.
A Picture I thought I'd share today...
This is my sunroom where I do my bird watching. It has been so dry and harsh outside the birds are suffering. I have been keeping the birdbath full of water and a suet feeder hanging on my birdhouse. I'm sure the birds will enjoy the weather changes that are predicted!


  1. What a beautiful bird-watching spot! I enjoyed reading your Daybook entry. Hope you have a great week!

  2. What a great bird watching spot. We live right across from a nature center and get all kinds of birds and wild life in our yard. We even get our share of deer. Thank you for the writing prompt idea. I will be giving it to my daughters for writing today.

  3. Oh I love the sunroom it is so pretty.
    I haven't posted this but you just brought it to mind.
    I love an empty clothes hamper.
    Since moving I have been able to manage to empty it on Mon. and then I have nice clean clothes all hanging too.
    I have a huge closet now so I know what you mean about them being orderly. I have all the long sleeve together, short sleeve, sleeveless together, etc.
    I love my closet too!

  4. Your sunroom is so cozy, I can just picture myself sitting in that comfy chair with a good book. Hope you get the rain you need without the flooding Central Florida got. God bless.

  5. Thank You for visiting my blog this morning! I wish the sunflower pictures was from my pasture. But sadly is not. I have horses there instead! The picture of your home-sunroom, is beautiful.


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