Friday, August 22, 2008

1000 Gifts

162.Lynn has caught my "love" of birds and is working tandem with me in attracting them to the yard!
163. Today we get to go to Amanda's for dinner and take my parents to see their new place! We've been looking forward to this for some weeks! YAYA!
164.The cooling"autumn-like air is so refreshing!
165.I made contact with a great arborist on the recommendation of the county extension agent in hopes of saving our tree by the back door!
166.The wrap of my foot has really helped and I look forward to being fitted for the shoe implant!
167.The fresh garden veggies we were able to eat last night tasted so delicious- fresh corn, kale, tomatoes, together with fresh baked corn bread and butter!
168.The Holy Spirit's work in my life- provision of open doors and opportunities. Lord,help me be obedient!

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