Monday, August 18, 2008

Best Shot, Monday

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You have to know Amanda to know that this is an amazing shot! Just a few years ago she was priveleged to tour Asia with her, then fiance' and his family. Here she is partaking of a typical menu item, ...I believe, I'm safe to say, her first ever....Photobucket...
chicken foot! You'll see other best shots by visiting over at Tracey's Mother May I.


  1. Wow! Chicken foot! I have to admit that does NOT sound appetizing :)

  2. eeewww!! there is no way I would ever eat that! Your daughter is beautiful however.

  3. Chicken Foot!! Eeek! She actually looks like she is enjoying it! :)

  4. Eww...not sure that's something I'd want to try. My SIL spent some time in china a few summers ago with a friend who was doing a mission's project. She laughs now about the cuisine she ate while she was there.


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